Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Ride on Willow

Today I rode Willow...sort of. I wanted to see how she was to tack up. I had to hunt up a snaffle, put together a headstall and add reins. I haven't rode in a few years. I dug out my hunt seat saddle and dusted it off. I don't ride hunt seat but I am lazy and they are light and easy to put on.

It was very easy to saddle and bridle Willow. She just stood there for the saddle and put her head down for the bridle. I walked her around and decided to get on her. So I led her to the picnic table
and hopped on!

We just wondered around the yard for a few minutes then I got off. She neck reins so next time I will pull out the western saddle and curb bit and see what she knows. It was a lot of fun.



Anonymous said...

How is Willow doing? I am a lurker who enjoys reading your blog.

Ice Pony Goddess said...

Willow is beautiful! Thanks for giving her a forever loving home.