Thursday, August 7, 2008

Willow's First Trim

Willow had her hooves trimmed today. She was very good. Willow is an ears forward, take everything in stride kind of girl. Even at 28 she is very flexible and shows no sign of stiffness.
In the pasture she runs and bucks like she is half her age. Decorum(blogger id), my barefoot trimmer, says she has good feet but it will take a few trims to get them in shape. I should mention that she has been my trimmer for over 12 years and I just love her. If she ever retires I will have to rehome my horses, lol. Here are some before and after pictures.



Ginger said...

I am looking for new blogs to read and learn about different areas of the US and other countries and luckily I found yours. Please visit mine if you have time.

decorum said...

Well, thanks for the glowing praise, Michelle! lol And your right, Willow has gained a ton of weight, poor girl. Thank you for saving her, if we all do our part we can at least save some of the ones in need. Willow is a lucky girl. I hear that she has had 4 babies, 2 colts and 2 fillies? My aunt was interested in her lineage and also thanks you for saving her.


Willow said...

I don't know about the foals. Data Source only lists one registered filly.

decorum said...

You're right, I misunderstood, I went back and read it again and it was that one foal that had the four offspring. Oops.